Our MISSION IS TO CAPTURE THE ESSENCE OF LIFE AND STYLE!  create high vibrations THROUGH COLOR, SHAPE, texture, SmellAND CONCEPTS. we want to convey our clients' concepts as well as GIVE SOMETHING UNIQUELY CRAFTED FROM the HEART.  we like to EXUDE THE AURA we GET FROM clients and express it in their desired medium.  as founder of this company Michelle wants TO share a unique brand of visualization with THE WORLD, give abundantly, AND LIVE abundantly on a high vibration through that accomplishment!


15% of ALL Proceeds from sales go to Young Adult Guidance Center!

YAGC Is A community- based , non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of runaway, homeless ,displaced, and other "at-risk" youth and young adults through the provision of a broad array of services and supports. 


YAGC's current services include: Emergency and long-term housing, home-based prevention services, intervention, mentoring, crisis after-school/summer enrichment programming, and other services.