Melons, 1997



Acrylic on Mat Board 



Melons is a contemporary work created with the use of a distinctive limited color scheme using a combination of cool blues and purples along with warm pinks and reds with defined prominent areas of black.  The pre-drawing consisted of the use of a compass, protractor and straight edge as utilized in a high school math course.  The work was created in 1997 as a home art project where the practice of creating defined lines with a bright brush was the focus.  The painting was part of a series of paintings that were in the school art show.

L0ve365 Back Story:

"On a trip to the local Big Lots store I came across a few bottles of close out acrylic craft paints and a small brush set.  I asked my mom to buy them and she did willingly.  Of course because big lots is a closeout store they only had a few colors, none of which were primary, and I didn't care.  I just wanted to paint.  Of the entire brush set my favorite was a bright that I used until it broke a few months and paintings later.   I simply wrapped it in clear gift wrapping tape until it stayed together.  I eventually used nail glue to fix it for years to come."

Posted on September 18, 2013 .