The Sisterhood of the Sharpies

I was recently contacted by one of my art angels and mentor Dan Floures.  It was an invitation to compete in a Sharpie Slam as part of a week long business and technology conference!  I thought to myself, "I haven't participated in a contest like this since the 5th grade. when myself and my boys would compete during coloring time in class.  I was the only girl up against the likes of Maurice Dumas, Cleveland Curtis, Tandreaux O'Neil, and Melvin Carr!  LOL I was such a tomboy and this was just another way I connected with the boys who couldn't stop doodling or drawing.   Our teacher would pass out a coloring sheet to everyone and we would compete based on neatness, color choices, uniqueness and even completion time.  It was our thing, it kept us focused on lectures and audio books, and it was fun!  I cannot wait to see what this cool event will wake up in my artistic side.  It will be held on Wednesday October 7th, 2015 at the Biltmore Hotel In Atlanta, GA.  


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So what ended up happening was... I met all of these beautiful art devis!  We hung out, we shared our similarities, but not even intentionally! We just were.  I can be such a hermit and a loner but I opened up my shell a little.  i worked on a super fun skate deck project to COMMEMORATE one of my FAVORITE teen idols and skate legend, Harold Hunter.  As a team the other devis and I were a fierce cohesion of culture, taste and style!  One in creativity and we won the Sharpie Slam 2015 competition!   Stay TUned!  Devi phoenix.

SHarpie Slam 2015|Harold Hunter Commemorative Skate Deck

SHarpie Slam 2015|Harold Hunter Commemorative Skate Deck

Posted on July 10, 2015 .